07.04.13 7.30pm, The Concert Hall, Reading; £23 - £12. Concessions & Subscriptions available. Schools £5. Student Standby £5.


Classical Music Alive in Reading

In 2011, Fretwork celebrated 25 years of performing music old and new, and look forward to a challenging and exciting future as the world’s leading consort of viols. In these last two and a half decades, they have explored the core repertory of great English consort music, from Taverner to Purcell, and made classic recordings against which others are judged.

In 1604, John Dowland, the finest lutenist of his generation and one of England’s greatest composers, published the extraordinary collection of music for viols and lute called ‘Lachrimae’. Before a series of wonderfully lively galliards, many drawn from his songs, Dowland presents a transcendental journey based on his most famous song, ‘Flow my teares’. In 2001 Adrian Williams created a contemporary meditation on them, ‘teares to dreams’


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