16.05.14 19:00, Benslow Music, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9RB; from: £205:00


Friday 16 – Sunday 18 May 2014
RESIDENT: £255.00 NON-RESIDENT: £205.00 CODE: 14/239

Judy Tarling’s course, intended for players of modern stringed instruments who would like to know more about the baroque way of doing things, is this year devoted to Vivaldi’s twelve Op 3 concertos, which go under the collective title of L’Estro Armonico, or Harmonic Inspiration. We’re looking for participants of intermediate to advanced standard, and we’ll be playing at modern concert pitch (A = 440 Hz). Since the collection consists of concertos with one, two and even four solo violinists and since some of the parts aren’t too frightening, there might well be some opportunities for eager and able violinists and cellists. But fluent sight-reading is highly desirable.


  1. Lidiane 04.09.14 7:53am

    I too have a great admiration for professional classical musicians but one cannot help but notice that many of them lack originality or creativity. Conservatory musicians are often awkward or uncomfortable when told to improvise in a jam session.I shudder to think of how many potentially creative musicians had their imaginations crushed by their Amy Chua-like tiger parents and ended up becoming nothing more than really efficient robots.

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