13.09.14 11am till 6pm, concert at 4:30pm, Dutch Church, London; the day is free, the concert is £10 at the door


At the first of two meetings with a mostly Italian flavour, we look forward to talks on the composer Fallamero and on the music of the Thibaut manuscript; and a main recital of lute and theorbo duets. In fact there is another Italian connection in the shape of the diarist Samuel Pepys’s guitar teacher Morelli, who made many of the song arrangements found in his music manuscripts, a selection of which will appear in a forthcoming edition of baroque guitar songs, and which will be previewed in a mini-recital by Jon Rattenbury and friends. Something we have never had at a Lute Society meeting is dancing to the baroque guitar and English guitar—so all together, a meeting not to be missed.

11.00 Coffee and welcome to new members
11.30 The lute music of Gabriel Fallamero, a talk by Massimo Marchese
12.30 Mini-recital, Wezi Elliott, Jon Rattenbury, David Protheroe and ensemble perform music including Lully songs from Samuel Pepys’s MSS
1.00 Lunch
2.30 Mini-recital with dance display, Taro Takeuchi plays French baroque guitar music and English guitar music, with dancer
3.00 The Thibault Manuscript, talk and mini-recital by Hector Sequera, and ensemble.
4.00 Tea
4.30 The Lute Society Recital, ‘Toccate, canzoni e correnti nel pizzicar di corde’ concert of lute and theorbo duets by Massimo Marchese and Elena Cicinskaite


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