22.02.14 10:30am till around 6:00pm, Dutch Church, 7 Austin Friars London EC2N 2HA; £10 for the concert at 4:30 (pay at the door)


Lute Symbolism day, As we all know the lute has a rich and complex symbolic language, which was not only a matter for the musings of artists and salon intellectuals, but which actually fed back into the music that was composed for it. We are pleased to welcome a circle of very experienced and distinguished researchers, writers and performers, for a day dedicated to this subject, which we are sure will shape itself into a lively and stimulating symposium, with music to match the themes discussed. As always there is no need to book in advance; just turn up, and feel welcome to bring friends.

10.30 Coffee and welcome to new members
11.00 The lute as emblem, a talk by Simon Rees
12.00 Orpheus Reviv’d, a talk by Anthony Rooley
1.00 Break for lunch
2.00 To pluck or not to pluck, is that a question? a talk by Anthony Rooley
2.30 Constantijn Huygens’ Harmonic Garden, a talk by Judy Tarling, illustrated with songs performed by James Bramley and Roseanna Skikun
4.00 Tea
4.30 The Lute Society Recital ‘Orphan Wailings’ recital by Evelyn Tubb, Anthony Rooley, Ziv Braha


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