02.09.13 19:00, Benslow Music, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 9RB; from £270


Tue 2 – Fri 6 Sep
Tutors: Julian Perkins, Theresa Caudle
Singers, players of bowed and plucked strings and harpsichordists are all welcomed
to this new and exciting course, taught by two renowned experts in the field, during
which we’ll prepare the unprecedentedly rich, expressive and brilliant madrigals
which open each part of Monteverdi’s Book VIII, published in 1638. For the best
singers there will be solo opportunities, while the instrumentalists will also work on
non-vocal pieces of the period and if there’s time the singers will indulge in some
a capella music-making. Singers and instrumentalists alike should have experience
of working at a reasonably competent level in small groups. We’ll be singing and
playing at A=440Hz (the same as modern pitch but slightly lower than the North
Italian pitch of the period) but will use period-style instruments and techniques.


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