11.08.13, Sidney Sussex College Cambridge; £ 570-£ 680


Orlandus Lassus was a remarkable composer, scholar, linguist and arranger and conductor of music; he was also a great and influential teacher of composers such as the Gabrieli, both Andrea and Giovanni. Ennobled by kings, and knighted by a Pope, he nonetheless remained the loyal servant of the Bavarian court at Munich for most of his life, directing and writing for the largest musical household in Europe. Composing with all the passion and flair of his Italian contemporaries (whose works he also arranged and conducted in Munich), Lassus used a wider instrumental palette, especially embracing the full range of wind instruments from recorders and flutes to windcaps, racketts and dulcians. His select group of singers were amongst the most renowned in Europe, famous for their subtlety and their intonation!


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