30.03.14 6pm, St Mary's Church, Boxford, Suffolk; £18, £12 (half-price to full-time students) from www.ncem.co.uk or 01904 651485


In 1705 the young J. S. Bach walked 250 miles to visit the aged Dieterich Buxtehude in Lübeck. Buxtehude was his greatest predecessor, and his best-known work, an intense and sublime cycle of seven passion cantatas collectively entitled Membra Jesu nostri (The remains of our Jesus), shows us why Bach made the journey. We perform it with Bach’s first masterpiece, the Actus tragicus (the funeral cantata ‘Gottes Zeit ist der allerbeste Zeit’), and other music by Buxtehude. The concert features rich and varied combinations of solo voices, choir, violins, viols, recorders and organ. Performed by Claire Tomlin (soprano), members of Essex Baroque Orchestra and Psalmody, directed by Peter Holman.


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