The Orchestra Age of Enlightenment will premiere their unique performance of Vivalid’s Four Seasons at the Southbank Centre entitled V4: The Seasons.

The concert’s music will be accompanied by movement from six contemporary dancers. Concert director and OAE violinist Kati Debretzeni recruited choreographer Henri Oguike after coming across stage directions written in the score by Vivaldi.

The performance will see period performance merged with contemporary dance. Oguike suggested that the musicians, as well as the dancers, also be involved in the movement of the piece. Debretzeni, and other OAE musicians, will move throughout the dancers as they respond to her playing.

Debretzeni says: ‘It is amazing to see a piece you know so well being illuminated in a new way, which is very much what I had hoped would happen.

‘Henri’s response to the music is immediate and emotional, and to me it feels as though it were the first time it had been heard.  For the famous Four Seasons, that is very special.’

Nigerian-Welsh choreographer Oguike spoke of his inspiration for the movement in The Four Seasons: ‘I’m using behavioural styles of dance, and borrowing from my experience of living in the UK with its differing weather conditions, reflecting how the seasons become mixed up, so you might be watching summer, but I’ll drop in an element of winter or spring.’

V4: The Seasons will premiere on 8 February 2013 at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre.


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