Arts Council England (ACE) has provided funding for a new baroque stage show which looks at the life of Italian baroque composer Domenico Zipoli.

The Imperfect Pearl: A Baroque Fairytale has been created by Mark Latimer and written by countertenor William Towers. It follows Zipoli’s travels through Rome, North and South America. The life of Zipoli has been speculated over since scores of his were found in the Chiquitos of Bolivia in 1972.

The production features baroque music from Europe and South America, including work by Zipoli and his contemporaries, including Juan García de Zéspedes.

At a time of funding and budget cuts for the ACE, Latimer’s new production is a rare example of funding for early music focused projects. Whitehouse Productions, co-producers of The Imperfect Pearl, described the performance as their ‘most ambitious project’.

The production made its debut in March 2013 at St George’s Bristol and will feature as part of Kings Place Festival on 15 September. Find out more by visiting

See a clip of The Imperfect Pearl below:







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