The 2013 Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival returns this summer with a programme featuring four world premieres of works commissioned especially for the festival.

The pieces have been composed by musicians from around the globe: Leonardo Coral from Mexico will perform his piece Aforismos on the clavichord, inspired by Finland and Ancient mythology. Marie-anne Hof from the Netherlands, American Max Young and Liu Qing from China will also premiere their works for the fortepiano and harpsichord.

The festival’s schedule also features smaller series of concerts: Masterful Bach will see a selection of J. S. Bach’s work performed on various instruments, including the clavichord and the baroque organ. The concerts will feature all of Bach’s cello suites and a selection of his preludes and fugues. Another smaller series from Austrian clavichordist Roman Chlada is entitled Music for the Emperor – presenting music from the European courts during the baroque period.

Other performances scheduled to take place are Estonian musicians Imbi and Raivo Tarum’s eighteenth-century costumed concert ‘Roman and Venetian Splendours’, featuring music from Corelli and Gabrieli; Joyce Lindorff’s concert ‘Music from Shakespeare’s England’, performed on virginal and spinet; and The English Concert’s Walter Reiter will play the baroque violin for the closing concert of the festival, ‘A String of Pearls’.

The Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival takes place in Kuopio, Finland (festival concert venue Kuopio Cathedral pictured). The festival runs from 14 to 23 August 2013.


  1. Leonardo Coral 28.05.13 1:00pm

    The piece “Aforismos” was specially composed for Anna Maria McElwain, great clavichordist, and she is going to premiere it.

    Leonardo Coral

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