Liquifacta est …
Yaniv d’Or (countertenor) & Ensemble Naya

Never was a CD so aptly named: ‘Anima mea liquefacta est ut locutus est’ (My soul melteth when he spoke) is a text found in both the Song of Solomon and the Torah; its usage here cleverly unites East and West and evokes the passionate, intimate atmosphere which these yearning texts have often inspired in musical settings. Yaniv d’Or has a sparklingly clear countertenor voice with a warm vibrato and an insightful approach to text that effortlessly straddles the traditional baroque and folk styles on this programme. Combined with an impressive instrumental team including Laurence Cummings, the ensemble is both taut and flexible in equal measure, at times, mesmerically exotic – especially to Western ears.

These excellent performances are really complimented by the thoughtful programming; this collection of songs offers real food for thought both in performance, where it ignites old arguments about folk influences in early music, and in politics where it offers an opportunity for some much-needed historical reflection.

This is the debut CD from Ensemble Naya and it is available in the iTunes Store worldwide. Ensemble Naya performed earlier this year at London’s Wigmore Hall and from where I’m listening, it sounds like they have a very exciting future indeed.

Ed Breen


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